Visiting Swakopmund, Namibia

A few thoughts for you, the tourist, on planning a visit to Swakopmund.
Swakopmund being the main coastal town of Namibia with a strong German atmosphere and history.

It is always difficult deciding how many days one should stay at one destination with only so many days to see as much as possible of Namibia.

As Swakopmund is on every one’s list the next question is how long.
The average stay for tourist in Swakopmund is 2 nights (1day). The feedback we had from quests is: “We wish we could stay a day or two longer.” The reason being, Swakopmund offers so much in sightseeing.

There are plenty of activities such as living desert tours, kayaking, dolphin tours, camel rides, quad bikes in the dunes, paragliding, skydiving and many more. Not to mention excellent restaurants.

Tourist mostly arrive at their destination in the latter part of the afternoon
giving little time for any activities other than getting ready for a visit to a restaurant. Early the next day you can barely fit in two activities before the day is gone and no time for some possible washing or just to sit and relax.

Therefor try and spend at least 3 nights (2 days) in Swakopmund to really
have a rewarding coastal stay.

Good luck with your planning.